The Network Infrastructures and Emerging Technologies research group is part of the Department of Computing & Technology at Nottingham Trent University. The aim of the group is to investigate communication technologies which can impact and have tangible benefits to society. Specifically, the research group focuses on the network technologies and infrastructures that underpin todays connected world which ranges from architectures and infrastructures, middleware technologies, cloud-based systems, security and mobile systems. Another core interest of the group is the application of this technology and how it can be used to further improve existing practices.

The research group specialises in the following main areas:

Pervasive & Cloud technologies: Members of the group are actively researching next generation architectures and systems for large-scale systems. Current work focuses on middleware technologies, new programming paradigms for efficient large-scale distributed systems, embedded systems, linked data, cloud security and software systems.

Mobile & Wireless Systems: Most members of the group design, implement simulation models and test new message delivery paradigms based on broadcasting methods for message delivery in an ad-hoc networks.

Security and Trust-based systems: Members of the group are investigating novel methods of cloud security, communication and privacy issues, trust-based and trust-provenance systems, as well as network and database security.

Energy-aware & Energy-efficient systems: Current research is looking in to new programming language paradigms for energy aware systems, low-energy embedded systems and energy-efficient traffic networks.

Mobile Networks and Systems Modelling: Current research is looking into the application of model-based engineering by using conceptual modelling techniques that are supported by simulations and through underlying mathematical and logical models of complex problems to address a number of areas. Areas include manufacturing, healthcare, urban systems, economies, and regulatory bodies which is essential in building the next generation of intelligent decision support systems. An emphasis of this research is to investigate route finding and simplification of complexity of target domains; developing algorithms; and algorithms enabling the seamless fusion of real-time data into simulation models.

Network infrastructures: Group members are investigating protocols and communication methods between systems in large scale networks and traffic based ad-hoc networks.