MODUM FP 7 Project

The MODUM project addresses the environmental footprint in the transport sector by developing a new approach for pro-active demand-responsive management of traffic. This approach enables energy-efficient multi-modal transport choices accommodating dynamic variations, minimising the environmental impact and improving the quality of life in urban environments.

The project is funded by the EU for 3.1 Million Euros, 400,000 Euro for NTU. (More MODUM Info)

REMOURBAN - H2020 lighthouse project

A sustainable urban regeneration model leveraging the convergence of energy, mobility and ICT to transform European cities into Smart Cities. This is a H2020 25 Million Euro project - NTU is funded at the rate of 1 Million Euros. (More REMOURBAN Info)

IMPART - Transport Catapult UK partnership

The Intelligent Mobility Partnership is part of the Transport Systems Catapult University Partnership Programme. It specialises in intelligent transport and transport infrastructure solutions.

The IMPART project connects business with knowledge to solve our most pressing transport challenges. This is a UK national project - £480 000, funding for NTU £120,000 incl. contribution from the University. (More IMPART Info)

NHSPLAN - NHS Hospital Journey Planner Project

NHS hospital journey planner based on Bluetooth, East Midlands Development Agency Overall cost of the project £10,000, 01 December 2006 - 30 November 2007

BUSWIFI - Public Transport Bus Internet Access Project

Public Transport Bus Internet Access, East Midlands Development Agency Overall cost of the project £10,000, 01 December 2006 - 30 November 2007

BUS - Public Bus Cam Control Project

Public Transport Bus Cam control, East Midlands Development Agency, Overall cost of the project £10,000, 01 September 2006 - 30 August 2007

Traffimatics - Traffimatics Project

Traffimatics project, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), The overall cost of the project is £1,080,000 of which £145,000 for NTU, 01 March 2003 to 30 Sept 2005

IHTT - Integration of hetrogeneous tracfic and travel information Project

EPSRC project "Integration of heterogeneous traffic and travel information through a combined Internet and mobile communications" – Principal Investigator Prof. A. Bargiela GR/R32468/01 - £62,000 - 01 January 2004 - 31 Decemebr 2005